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We are a team of European ophthalmologists, who are reconized and operate worldwide.

Our history

LUCY was born in 2015 when Dr Borroni Davide recognized the possibility to diagnose eye pathologies by analysing the DNA of eye bacteria.

The development of LUCY was initially supported via a Grant by Lettonia and a scholarship from the University of Riga.

LUCY was initially used in the field of Corneal Ulcer. However, its wider developmet in the analysis of the Corneal Flora allowed LUCY to win various European Awards in 2018 and 2019.

In 2020, our team in collaboration with Walter Sanseverino (founder of SequentiaBiotech), developed the first bioinformatic platform for the analysis and comparison for the  metagenomic sequencing of the eye microbiome. The results of individual tests are compared against the results of existing world scientific literature.

In 2021 Eyemetagenomics Ltd was incorporated with the aim to coordinate and support European research in the field.

Eyemetagenomics Ltd developed LUCY PLATFORM & LUCY DATABASE which are currently he most innovative solutions in Ophthalmology to integrate eye microbiome analysis into clinical practice.

In 2022 LUCY results were published by the International Journal of Molecular Sciences. For the first time a study identified several ECSTs (Eye Community State Type) providing a better understanding of healthy eye microbiota.

In September 2022, with the support of the Copan Group, we developed the LUCY KIT, a tool which allows doctors to collect patients' organic material autonomously via an eye swab.

In January 2023 our team initiated collaborations with Mexico and Colombia.

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