Conventional Diagnostic Methods are unable to provide an exhaustive evaluation of eye health (from keratitis to dry eye).

Metagenomics offers a broader approach, providing both a more thorough and personalised diagnostic tool for each patient as well as the opportunity to compile data for future research in the treatment of eye diseases.


is designed to help healthcare professionals offer personalized medical advice to patients. The microbiome of each human body organ is unique, and is responsible for various clinical outcomes and drug responses.


is the solution to integrate microbiome analysis into your clinical practice, to help guide your therapeutic decisions and provide targeted prevention to your patients.


Lucy helps identify the microorganism profile in a sample, allowing you to more accurately predict your patients pathology development.


Monitor patients microbiome status over time. Record key aspects of patient’s health and prevent key diseases appearing.


customize & share with your patients their eye microbiome results and discuss with them the best way to cure potential disorders.