A revolutionary approach through the use of metagenomics. An innovative solution to integrate microbiome analysis into your clinical practice. Help guide your treatment decisions and provide targeted prevention for your patients.
is the solution to integrate microbiome analysis into your clinical practice, to help guide your therapeutic decisions and provide a targeted prevention to your patients.
compares the microbiome and also analyses the different types of microorganisms present in the patient’s eye with hundreds of microbiomes of healthy subjects and pathologies such as glaucoma, dry eye, Steinert syndrome etc.; in this way it is possible to evaluate whether specific bacterial genera are in excess or in defect with respect to the average of the control database, in order to identify and characterize situations of dysbiosis.
helps identify the microorganism profile in a sample, allowing you to predict your patients’s possible pathology development more accurately.
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LUCY Platform
It allows to load, store and print your patient’s test and retrieve the results immediately on your screen.
Compare your analysis against our LUCY DATABASE (healthy eyes database). Just send your NGS16s sequencing data to our platform and get back you report in less than 6 hours. Our platform is open to work with all Sequencing Machinery Manufacturers digital output.
LUCY 16 Plus
We take care of all the analysis aspects from providing you the TEST KIT to collect your patients' sample and perform extraction and NGS16s sequencing as well. You will receive your results in your LUCY account
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