Shipping instructions

Once the sample has been taken, the adhesive label with the barcode has been applied and the patient’s signed consent has been collected, it is possible to proceed with the shipment:

» insert the tightly closed test tube with the adhesive label on it in the padded sachet and close it;
» insert the padded sachet in the transparent Biohazard envelope;
» insert the transparent Biohazard envelope together with the consent signed by the patient in the TNT-FedEx envelope and send;
» it is possible to send more than one eye sample in the same envelope. In this case, insert the tubes into the padded pouch together (no more than 5) and insert all signed consent forms associated with each tube into the orange TNT-FedEx pouch”.

» Write an email to:; with the following information:

» You will be sent shipment labels to be printed and attached to the parcel for pick up. The courier has already been paid and no further money should be given.

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