Ocular microbiome and Vernal syndrome

Vernal syndrome is a chronic inflammatory pathology of the eye that mainly affects children and young adults. This pathology is characterized by the presence of symptoms such as eye itching, burning, redness, foreign body sensation in the eye and sensitivity to light.

The ocular microbiome plays an important role in the regulation of ocular inflammation and may be involved in the development of vernal syndrome. Some research suggests that ocular microbiome dysbiosis may increase susceptibility to this pathology and worsen symptoms.

In particular, dysbiosis can lead to the presence of an excessive amount of harmful bacteria such as Staphiloccoccus. In addition, dysbiosis can lead to lowering microbial diversity, which in turn can reduce the ability of the ocular microbiome to regulate inflammation.

Some strategies to prevent vernal syndrome and maintain a healthy ocular microbiome include regular cleaning of contact lenses, protecting the eyes from external agents such as dust and chemicals, the use of probiotics to restore the composition of the ocular microbiome, and the use of anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce ocular inflammation.

In addition, it is important to have regular ophthalmological check-ups to diagnose and treat Vernal syndrome and other eye diseases early.


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