Metagenomics in ophthalmology: Hypothesis or real prospective?

Paola Gallon,a,⁎ Mohit Parekh,b Stefano Ferrari,a Adriano Fasolo,a Diego Ponzin,a and  Davide Borronic
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Metagenomics in ophthalmology: current findings and future prospectives

Davide Borroni,1,2,3,4 Vito Romano,1,3 Stephen B Kaye,1,3 Tobi Somerville,1,3 Luca Napoli,5Adriano Fasolo,4 Paola Gallon,4 Diego Ponzin,4 Alfonso Esposito,6 and  Stefano Ferrari4
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This article has been corrected. See BMJ Open Ophthalmol. 2019; 4(1): e000248corr1.


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