What is eyemetagenomics?

Eyemetagenomics is a new technology that consists in the analysis of the ocular microbiota by metagenomics.

Metagenomics is a technique that allows you to identify the entire pool of microorganisms present in a biological sample, without the need to grow them or amplify their DNA.

Eyemetagenomics involves taking biological samples from the ocular surface, such as the conjunctiva and eyelid, and analyzing the DNA present in these samples via DNA sequencing.

Thanks to the metagenomic analysis of the sequencing data, it is possible to identify all the microorganisms present in the sample, including those that are difficult to grow using classical microbiology techniques.

Eyemetagenomics has several advantages over classical ocular microbiota analysis techniques, such as bacterial culture and PCR.

In particular, it allows the identification of a greater number of microorganisms, including non-cultivable ones, and to study the composition and functionality of the entire ocular microbiota.

In addition, the technology of Eyemetagenomics allows you to analyze large amounts of data quickly and efficiently.

Eyemetagenomics is still in development and research, but represents a promising technology for the study of ocular microbiota and eye diseases.

In the future, it could make it possible to identify new microorganisms involved in eye diseases, to identify new therapeutic targets and to monitor the effectiveness of treatments.

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